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BCF BAM is a community of Men and Women of God who understand and have accepted the vision of BCF and, with their dependency on the Holy Spirit, are committed to using their God-given talent to serve and ensure that the BCF vision, messages & God's word are creatively expressed and presented to others eyes, while touching their spirit!



  1. Place your design requests in at least 2 weeks earlier to ensure adequate time to make design corrections and time for proper promotion of the event.
  2. Please do not contact members of BAM personally. This causes confusion. All communication will be conducted via our email,
  3. Please be as specific as possible. The details you provide, will be the same detail on the flyer. We can't do research to figure your school building proper name or location.
  4. Fill the form entirely. Incomplete request can cause a delay to your requirement.

Bethel Campus Fellowship