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 Call for New Submissions!

Be Confident! That's an Order. (Joshua 1:6-9. Emphasis on verse 9, Good News Translation). What is to be said about God's command to be confident. How do you live your daily life with this command? How have you incorporated the message of  #EquippingForMinistry into your daily life with confidence? We want to hear about how this command has come to play or how it will begin to come to play in your daily life. Think also about the balance between this confidence and humility. Creative submissions are strongly encouraged.
Submissions can include, but are not limited to:
Articles (250-500 words)
Poetry (less than one page single spaced)
Short story (500-1000 words)
Serialized longer story (each installment must be within 500-1000 words)
Photography (including Digital Art)
Please send submissions to:
Are you good with words or an avid reader? Would you like to work with the Lampstand Magazine Team? We are a growing group of writers dedicated to bringing the testimonies, victories, and revelations of Jesus Christ in Bethel Campus Fellowship to believers and unbelievers across the world. You can contribute creative ideas, write articles, edit submissions, and enjoy a community of young Christians committed to capturing how God is affecting youth in and outside of Bethel Campus Fellowship.
Not much of a writer, but passionate about sharing the Gospel through your gift? We also have a need for graphic designers, videographers, photographers and any other artists interested in contributing to the magazine. Thank you for your time and God bless you as you consider joining us.
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