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Our goal is to reach every University and High School in America with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by the year 2050. If you would like to partner with us in reaching this goal, please email us:

We are currently located on over 25 campuses in the USA, a few in the UK and in Denmark.

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High Schools

StateSchoolPoint of Contact
MarylandEastern Technical High SchoolDeborah A
MarylandLaurel High SchoolDeidre K
MarylandReservoire High SchoolTomisin F
MarylandOakland Mills High SchoolEsther A
MarylandKenwoood High SchoolJumoke G
MarylandPaint Branch High SchoolOdiepriye T
MarylandEleanor Roosevelt High SchoolJada-Mercy A
MarylandPerry Hall High SchoolJosephine N
MarylandBowie High SchoolKayla J
GeorgiaMceachern High SchoolIsrael C








StateSchoolPoint of Contact
MarylandPrince George's Community CollegeGrace A
MarylandUniversity of Maryland,Eastern ShoreJustin P
MarylandUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyJoy K
MarylandSalisbury UniversityPriscilla S
MarylandHoward UniversityStacy A
MarylandTowson University Anais M
MarylandMorgan State UniversityVincent O
MarylandBowie State UniversityJummy O
MarylandUniversity of Maryland, College ParkJane U
MarylandStevenson UniversityLindsay S
MarylandNotre Dame UniversityJanet A
GeorgiaUniversity of West GeorgiaPius A
GeorgiaUniversity of GeorgiaTola A
GeorgiaGeorgia State UniversityIbisa A
GeorgiaKennesaw State UniversitySteve A
MassachusettsHarvard UniversityQueen A
North CarolinaNorth Carolina A&TNate J
PennsylvaniaLincoln UniversityNnedi A
VirginiaOld Dominion UniversityBrandon J
Bethel Campus Fellowship