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Bethel Campus Fellowship (BCF) is an interdenominational organization established to proclaim the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ on college campuses. The mission of the Bethel Campus Fellowship is – “Leading Students to Christ and preparing them to become reliable men and women that God can entrust with His word for the next generation”.

Purpose and Function of Organization

Bethel Campus Fellowship exist to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pray, all in a group setting, which provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual development among members.
We seek to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside speakers, videos, books and articles, all for their benefit and consideration.

Statement of Belief

We believe in the infallibility of the scriptures, the death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the past, present, and continuing work of the Holy Spirit.






Global Mission

The global mission of BCF is soul winning, discipleship, and preparation of dependable young ministers that will serve the next generation. We are determined by His grace to fulfill the charge that Paul gave Timothy when he wrote in 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others”. We mentor converts until they become reliable tools in God’s hand for the mentoring of other converts.

Core Objectives

Campus Evangelism - Leading Students to Christ

Discipleship and Leadership Training - Raising Reliable Men and Women in Christ

Teaching the Christian Worldview and Launching students out for ministry to the next Generation

Our Emphasis

  1. BCF places emphasis on the WORD of God and living by its precepts. Our motto is Get it, Live it and Give it. We challenge members to live like Christ and to love like Jesus did. BCF teaches that holiness and righteousness is as important today as it was in the days of our master, Jesus Christ. Love for one another among members is both an integral part, and a distinguishing feature of BCF.
  2. BCF also emphasizes the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit and depends on the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the discharge of our duties as Christian workers.

"Get It"

Bethel Campus Fellowship